Drone Works

To fly our drones requires training, experience and the necessary GVC – GLOS certification to ensure that we hold Civil Aviation Authority permissions to fly for drones for commercial purposes. Our drones are multi-purpose and providing the weather permits flying, so no high winds, storms, and gales we are usually good to go.

We fly Phantom Pro 4’s and Mavic’s which are renowned for the quality and stability for general work. Drone capability with an experienced and qualified drone pilot gives access to a variety of areas to meet our customers’ requirements.

Aerial Photography

Flying at a maximum altitude of 120metres this is great for aerial single shots or film of land, property, wildlife and much more. Information can be provided in a variety of formats to suit our customer’s needs.

Aerial protection is ideal for monitoring of land and property from a distance particularly if you are a target criminal activity. Our drone pilots also hold a security industry authority licence and require a DBS check.

Many organisations can now utilise drones to carry out surveying which is very useful for mapping areas, photographing buildings or infrastructure without having to deploy ladders or scaffold saving time and money.

Carry out risk assessments of large areas or buildings with drones allows the risk assessor to identify the hazards remotely. This is also useful for insurance management or for loss adjusters who can view the situation without putting themselves at risk.

The capability and versatility of U.A.S (unmanned aerial systems) are second to none and provide an entirely new perspective on any given situation. Drop us a line for more information and costs.

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